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  • Warren County Illegible License Plate Event
  • General Fund Tax Revenues Below Estimate Again
  • Helping Nonprofits and Local Governments Stretch Investment Dollars
  • Second Amendment Rally at the Capitol
  • June is National Men’s Health Month
  • Bicyclists and Motorists Must Safely Share the Road

Warren County Illegible License Plate Event

On Monday, my district office staff was pleased to help constituents throughout Warren County along side our wonderful law enforcement officers at our Illegible License Plate Event. Thank you to Chief Deputy Chuck Fetzeck from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department;  Officer John Uplinger from Youngsville’s Police Department;  and Officer Charlie Anderson from Conewango Police Department, for all of your help! These events allow you to easily come and have a law enforcement officer sign off on your hard-to-read license plate and have a free replacement ordered.

General Fund Tax Revenues Below Estimate Again

Each month, the Senate Appropriations Committee prepares an update about the state’s financial health. The most recent report shows that General Fund tax revenues were $90.7 million lower than the monthly estimate in May, the third time in the past five months that tax revenues have failed to meet projections.

For the 2022-23 Fiscal Year, which ends June 30, Personal Income Tax collections are nearly $400 million below projections.

The full update, including the monthly revenue report, is available here.

Helping Nonprofits and Local Governments Stretch Investment Dollars

Nonprofits and local governments can take advantage of an investment opportunity offered by the Pennsylvania Treasury Department. The program, known as INVEST, is similar in concept to money market funds and offers two short-term pools and custom options.

For more than 30 years, INVEST’s performance has matched or exceeded that of its competitors. INVEST offers daily liquidity and has no minimum balance requirements. More than 260 entities – like townships, school districts, counties, volunteer fire companies, libraries and other nonprofit organizations – have assets of approximately $1.317 billion in INVEST portfolios.

If you would like more information about INVEST, please call 866-300-4603, email, or visit

Second Amendment Rally at the Capitol

This week, I joined many fellow Senate and House colleagues on the Capitol steps in defense of our second amendment rights for our annual Second Amendment Rally! This year’s theme was United We Stand, where we heard from speakers Karise and Jerel Crew, CEO and Founders of That Gun Talk Firearms Club. As a member of the Senate Second Amendment Caucus, I am proud to stand with so many colleagues and constituents, in support of our right to keep and bear arms!

June is National Men’s Health Month

To promote awareness of preventable health problems, June is recognized as National Men’s Health Month. It also encourages early detection and treatment of diseases including cancer, heart disease and depression among men who may be more hesitant to make doctor visits a priority.

Medical experts say men should focus on taking care of their bodies by eating right, exercising and working to prevent disease. Part of being healthy is also cultivating good mental health.

For the benefit of men and all Pennsylvanians, Senate Republicans will continue to press for mental health funding that stimulates innovation within our health care delivery system.

Bicyclists and Motorists Must Safely Share the Road

Bicyclists and motorists, who both have the right to use Pennsylvania roads, also have responsibilities to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Both parties must obey all the rules of the road and allow at least 4 feet of separation when passing. Motorists are allowed to overtake a bicycle in a no-passing zone, provided they leave a 4-foot clearance. 

Learn more about Pennsylvania’s bicycle laws.


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